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U.P. State Fair Winners - Page 2
Chippewa Fair Book Cover Winner

Welcome to the 2018 Chippewa County Fair.  My name is Hannah Klier.  I am
really honored that my fair book cover was chosen for this year’s cover.  I am
8 years.  I like
dance, sewing, and animals.  I have been involved in 4H and have shown
animals for the past 3 years.  I show hogs, lambs, chickens, rabbits, and
guinea pigs, in addition to
entering arts and crafts in the exhibit hall.  My favorite part of the fair is being
around all of the animals.  Being at the fair is also a great way to spend some
time with my
family and friends.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful time at the 2018 Chippewa County Fair.

   "Sew it, Grow it, Show it" in 2018"
2018 Supreme Showman:  Elizabeth Jentoft (Goats), Victoria Vining-Reserve Champion Supreme
Showman (Sheep), Danielle Scales-
Grand Champion Supreme Showman (Beef), Alex French (Hogs),
Nathen Kronemeyer (Dairy).  Congratulations to all of them as they were the overall Champions in their
respective species.
Last Year To Show:  Eric McKerchie, Victoria Portice and Jake Batho were honored at the 2018
Market Livestock Sale for aging out of the youth program.  This is their last year to show  and sell at
the fair as youth,