6430 W. M-80
Kinross, MI   EXIT 378
Camping Guidelines
and Application
1. Pre-registrated camping fees are set up for the duration of the fair-9 days
Campers that come in before Sunday must pay camping fees to Kinross
Township at their nightly rate.

electric, $12.00 per night for campsites with electric, and $10.00 per night for
primitivie campsites.

3. Camping fees will be paid for each night the campsite is reserved, or
camping unit is on the site, OCCUPIED or NOT.  Camping units may start
arriving on the first Sunday of the fair.

4. The camping superintendent shall assign designated campsites by number.
Preference will be  given to those  requesting camp reservations for 8 nights.
Other reservations will be granted if  space is available.

5. The camping superintendent shall have full charge of the camping areas,
assign locations and collecting fees.

6. All campers and tents placed on the fairgrounds will be required to pay a
camping fee.

7. Along with your camping permit that MUST BE DISPLAYED in or near your
door, you will  receive (1) parking pass per assigned campsite (display in left
hand side of windshield).   ONE additional pass is available for $5.00.

8. Campers arriving without reservations, or after the fair has began, will be
assigned a campsite on a first come first served basis and charged for the site
per night.

9. At least ONE adult, a person 21 years of age or older,shall be present at the
campsite to supervise minors present.

10.Reservations for large groups-please send forms and payment together.

11.Pets shall be kept on a leash at all times, and remain under control of the
owner. The owner is responsible for  cleanup and removal of pet waste. A
noisy or abusive pet,will be removed off the fairgrounds upon request.
Pets MUST remain on own lot.


13. No refrigerators are to be OUTSIDE of your camper. No gray water can be
discharged on the ground per state regulations.

14.For reservations,
application must be received no later than July 31.

15.Campers wishing to retain the same site as last year, please indicate on the
application form,  and have request in early.

16.Excessive noise or vulgar lanuage in camp areas is not permitted. Please
show respect for other campers.