6430 W. M-80
Kinross, MI   EXIT 378
At the 2019 MAFE Convention in January, Dee Wilson was
awarded the Zone 6 Adult Volunteer of the Year.  She was
chosen for this award from all the fairs in the U.P.

Dee is always available to help where ever needed, even
before becoming a board member in 2018. She took over
the still display department in 2018 due to our
superintendent having a family emergency just before the

She helps at all of our workbees from the setting up to  the
cleaning up after the fair, tagging of our market animals,
and can also be found helping out in the Livestock Office
when she has a few spare minutes.

When Dee took on the still display department for the    
fair, it included setting up the display tables, helping  
exhibitors register their projects, helping with the     
judging of the projects and of course all the paper work
that goes with the job.

The Chippewa County Fair Board chose Chrissy Campbell   
as our Heritage Award winner for 2018.

Chrissy has been involved with the Fair since she started
showing in 1982.  She currently sits on the Livestock,
Building, Youth and Emergency committees for the board.

Chrissy also, helps with the Market Livestock Sale each
year, recording sale prices on the fair form and helping to
balance the sale afterward.

She is at every work bee set up for the fair, from the    
tagging of market beef in Dec. to tagging the market lambs,
hogs & goats in June, to set up and clean up of the fair
grounds, and any thing else that may be needed during the

You will find her in the show ring during all livestock shows,
helping the young exhibitors with their animals when they
get a little rowdy.  Over the years, we are sure she has put
herself into harms way to protect an exhibitor from getting

Chrissy is someone that is willing to step up and help with
what ever needs to be done to insure that the fair runs

                 THANK YOU CHRISSY!
The Chippewa County Fair Board would like to congratulate
Lindsey Kronemeyer on being one of the winners of the
Michigan Association of Fairs and Exhibits $1000
scholarships. This scholarship is given to young people that
are enrolled in higher education and has spent their youth
exhibiting at many exhibitions throughout the state.

HALL OF FAME - The Chippewa County Fair chose Harley Boone as their 2018
Hall of Fame nomination.  This award is given to fair people who have spent
most of their lives doing what needs to be done to make sure that county fairs
continue in the state.

Harley and his wife Emily moved to Sault Ste Marie in 1988 with his job.  Right
away he became involved with the Chippewa County Fair.

In 1990, Harley ran for the fair board and won a position.  Right away,  he
became involved in the Harness Horse Racing Program helping the
superintendent. The following year he took over as the superintendent when
our then superintendent decided to step down due to health issues.

This is a job that Harley takes very seriously.  In the early years, he and his   
wife would host a golf outing and cook-out for all the harness horse owners,
drivers and just about anyone that showed up to participate.

While on the Chippewa Co. Fair Board, Haley sat on the livestock and
emergency committees.  He did step down from the board when his health
would not allow him to help with the projects, but he has not given up the
Harness Horse Racing Superintendent job.

SENIOR VOLUNTEER - Harley Boone was
also chosen as the 2018 Senior Volunteer.
Mike Zimmerman, who has served as the Zone 6
representative on the MAFE Board for11 years,
received a plague from the MAFE Board thanking him
for his service on his retirement.  (Mike is on the right)
2019 MAFE Board of Directors (Michigan Association of Fairs and Events).  Lynn MacArthur is the newly elected Zone 6
representative replacing Mike Zimmerman who retired from the board. (Back left to right): Vickie Micheau, Larry Bush,
John Currie, Lori Hull, Lynn MacArthur, and LC Scramlin. Front: Brian Kuemin, Jamie Skerbeck, Lisa Reiff, Lenore Senter,
and Steve Thelen  (Photo courtesy of Bruce Doll.)
Youth Volunteer - The Chippewa County Fair Board chose Alex French as our    
2018 Volunteer of the Year.

Alex is a wonderful young man that has grown up at the fair.  He will help any
exhibitor during the fair by helping them prepare the animal for the show or sale

He is one of those young exhibitors that is willing to help everyone and is willing    
to step up to do whatever needs to be done.

Alex spent the day helping at the scale house on entry day, helping move steers,
hogs and lambs from the scale to their assigned pens and there were a few
animals that did not want to spend tine at the Chippewa County Fair.  He also
helped load out animals on the last days.  This year because of the bridge    
closure on Labor Day, we shipped animals to processors below the bridge one  
day and the remaining the following day.


Welcome to the 2019 Chippewa County Fair.  My name is Caleb Klier and I am 11 years old.  I was both surprised
and grateful that my fair book cover was chosen for this year's fair book cover.  I have always enjoyed drawing
and creating pictures.  I also enjoy playing video games, building sets and new creations with Legos, and riding  
my bike.  I have been involved with 4-H and have shown animals and creating exhibits since I was 5.  I have
showed market hogs, lambs, chickens, rabbits along with showing guinea pigs and several crafts in the exhibit
hall each year.  It hard to say what I enjoy most about the fair because I enjoy everything that the fair has to offer
which not only includes showing and selling animals, but the rides, food and camping with my family.

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable time at the 2019 Chippewa County Fair and "treasure" the time with
friends and family,
                                                      2019 Chippewa County Fair Queen Winners
Front row: Cora Black, Petite Miss Princess; Kaitlyn Goodman, Queen; Aspyn Cottle, Jr. Miss Princess
Back row: Jessy Baron, 1st Runner-up-Petite Miss, Isabella Bishop, 2nd Runner-up-Petite Miss
                  Elle Cottle, 1st Runner-up-Miss; Heather Gordier, 2nd Runner-up-Miss
                  Isabella Straton, 1st Runner-up-Jr. Miss; Camela Kemp, 2nd Runner-up- Jr. Miss.

     All of the contestants did a great job.  Thank you for participating in the 2019 Pagent