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Miss Chippewa County Fair - 2018
Queen –Mady Michalski
Sponsor – Soo Motors
1st runner-up –Heather Gordier
Sponsor – D’Licious Soaps
2nd runner-up – Whitney McKenzie
Sponsor – Soo Motors
Miss Congeniality, 2018 – Heather Gordier
Trophy sponsor - U.P Tire
Miss Sportsmanship, 2018 – Mady Michalski
Trophy Sponsor - Chippewa County 4-H Teen Club
Miss Evening Gown, 2018 -  Whitney McKenzie
Trophy Sponsor – In Memory of Honorable Judge Elizabeth Church
Miss Photogenic, 2018 –Zoey Hall
Trophy Sponsor - Martina Vollman Photography
Miss Talent, 2018 – Elle Cottle
Trophy Sponsor - Darrell & Sue Wagner & Girls
Grace DeYoung Scholarship Winner – Heather Gordier
Jr. Miss Chippewa County Fair Princess - 2018
Jr. Miss Princess –Tiffeney Stratton
Sponsor – All Styles All Occasions
1st runner-up – Isabella Stratton
Sponsor – Cup of the Day
2nd runner-up – Aspyn Cottle
Sponsor –Little Green Acres
Jr. Miss Congeniality, 2018 – Lillian McKee
Trophy Sponsor –Chippewa County Fair
Jr. Miss Evening Gown, 2017 - Elle Cottle
Trophy Sponsor –Chippewa County Fair
Jr. Miss Photogenic, 2018 – Tiffeney Stratton  
Trophy Sponsor - Picture This Photography
Jr. Miss Sportsmanship.2018 – Tyler White
Jr. Miss Community Service, 2018 – Isabella Stratton
Jr. Miss School Spirit. 2018 – Aspyn Cottle
In January of 2018, Ben Bourque was nominated to
compete for the 2017 Volunteer of the Year for Zone 6,
which is all the fairs in the U.P.   This award is for all the
volunteer hours and projects that he had done for the
Chippewa County Fair in 2017.  

Ben is one of those people that when you ask he is
there.  Ben has been responsible for installing the new
fans we have in our livestock buildings to improve the
ventilation.  He is a member of the fair's livestock and
building committees.

Thank you Ben for all you do.
     The Chippewa County Fair Board nominated David Love for the
2017 Hall of Fame Award. David has been a member of the Fair
Board for 33 years (1981-2014).  He was board president for 7
years (2002-2009). Dave continues to serves as sheep
superintendent (1982-current year).  Helping with the many fair
activities and serving on fair committees has always kept David
busy.  Perhaps the biggest problem he ever handled was the hog
quarantine in 2006 which took several months to be resolved.  
David stepped up and made some very difficult decisions.

Community activities have also keep David busy.  Through the
years, he has served on the ASCA Board (FSA),
Chippewa-Mackinac Soil Conservation District Board (15year).
Farm Bureau County Board, Dafter Zoning Board of Appeals
(7year), and is currently serving on the Dafter Planning
Commission Board (2010-current year).

We want to THANK David for his many years of service to the
Chippewa County Fair.        
The Chippewa County Fair Board nominated Barb Hillock
for the 2017 Heritage Award.  Barb was became a
member of the Chippewa County Fair Board in 1984 and
2 years later she took on the job of corresponding
secretary.  She is still on the board and is still
corresponding secretary.

 In 1987, she took over as superintendent of the Beef
Breeding department. After
the retirement of the harness racing treasurer in 2004,
she took over that job. During fair week, Barb can be
found helping at most every livestock show as well as
manning the livestock office.  

  A new responsibility she has taken on for the fair, is
receiving all livestock pre-registration and final livestock
forms before giving to the proper superintendents.

She also volunteers to help with the Senior luncheon,
the Queen Contest and the Market Livestock Sale.        
 Barb is one of those people you are always looking for,
one that is willing to do what needs to be done.  She is
also the one responsible for all the MDA reports being
done on time and correctly.

At the 2018 MAFE convention in January, Justus Hill was
awarded the Zone 6 Youth Volunteer of the Year.  He was
chosen for this award from all the fair in the U.P..

  This award is given to volunteers under the age of 21 and
volunteer their time during the year on a project.

 Justus is a wonderful young man that has grown up at the
fair.  Justus started showing hogs at age 9 and progressed
to market steers at age 11. He spent entry day helping in the
scale house, moving steers, lambs & hogs to their assigned
pens. He also helped load out on the last day.
                 Thanks Justus for all you do.
                                                                                THANK YOU GREENSTONE-FCS

The Chippewa County Fair Board would like to give special thanks to GreenStone Farm Credit Services of Escanaba for its recent
donation to the fair. They donated enough money to cover the cost of a digital scales and printer to weigh market sale animals.
This scale is already installed in the scale house, certified and ready to go at fair time.  It will enable us to weigh the small animals
(sheep, goats & hogs) with more precision. Be sure to thank the staff from the GreenStone Farm Credit Services-Escanaba Office
if you see them.
Petite Miss – 2018
Petite Miss Princess - Kylie Crimin
Petite Miss 1st Runner-up – Cora Black
Petite Miss 2nd Runner-up – Isabella Bishop
Petite Miss Evening Gown – Shelby McCoy
Petite Miss Congeniality – Camela Kemp
Petite Miss Sportsmanship – Kylie Crimin
Petite Miss Photogenic – Cora Black
Petite Miss Community Service – Isabella Bishop