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Kinross, MI   EXIT 378
Josh Zenner recipient of the 2017 Adult Volunteer Award
Toni Kronemeyer recipient of the 2017 Adult Volunteer Award
Miss Chippewa County Fair - 2017
Queen –Victoria Merchberger
Sponsor – Chadwick Farms
1st runner-up –Mady Michalski
Sponsor – Charlotte Ridge Haflinger Farms
2nd runner-up – Aubrie Cottle
Sponsor – Joker’s M.C.
Miss Congeniality, 2017 – Aubrie Cottle
Trophy sponsor - U.P Tire
Miss Sportsmanship, 2017 – Mady Michalski
Trophy Sponsor - Chippewa County 4-H Teen Club
Miss Evening Gown, 2017 -  Mady Michalski
Trophy Sponsor - Honorable Judge Elizabeth Church
Miss Photogenic, 2017 –Mady Michalski
Trophy Sponsor - Martina Vollman Photography
Miss Talent, 2017 - Vickie Merchberger
Trophy Sponsor - Darrell & Sue Wagner & Girls
Grace DeYoung Scholarship Winner – Aubrie Cottle
Jr. Miss Chippewa County Fair - 2017
Jr. Miss Princess –Jaden Crimin
Sponsor – Skinner’s Garage
1st runner-up – Elle Cottle
Sponsor – 30 Below Rabbitry
2nd runner-up – Lydia Hall –
Sponsor –Robinson Fence Company
Junior Miss Congeniality, 2017 – Elle Cottle
Trophy Sponsor –Chippewa County Fair
Junior Miss Evening Gown, 2017 - Elle Cottle
Trophy Sponsor –Chippewa County Fair
Junior Miss Photogenic, 2017 – Jaden Crimin  
Trophy Sponsor - Picture This Photography
Junior Miss Sportsmanship.2017 – Lydia Hall
2017 Senior Citizen Volunteer Award Winner

Marj Mitchell is the 2017 winner of this award.  She is
currently the superintendent of the Goat and Draft
Horse Departments. She has also served as Dairy
Superintendent. Marj is always ready to step up and
help where needed.  Every year we are able to count on
her to be the announcer at the various livestock shows
and to help on Saturday at the Market Livestock Sale.  
Her help is greatly appreciated.

Marj was raised in Sault Ste.Marie before moving to the
country when she married Jim.  They have a beef farm
but also have raised dairy cattle, sheep, horses, goats,
chickens and hogs as fair projects for their 3 daughters
that showed at the fair while growing up.  She now has
7 grandchildren that also show at the fair. Marj and Jim
continues to support them in their endeavors.

Thank you Marj for always being there when we need
At the 2018 Annual Fair Board meeting held Jan. 24, 2018, the following people were
elected to serve on the board for a 3 year term: Heather Black, Ben Bourque, Jim
Cryderman, Barb Hillock, Lynn MacArthur, Dan Nettleton, Dee Wilson and  John Smart.  
Dave Bawks was elected for a 1 year term.
At the regular 2018 Fair Board Meeting, the election of officers for the year was held.  The
2018 officers are Jim Kronemeyer, President, Chandler French, Vice President, Linda Leese,
Treasurer, Roxanna Rosebohm, Recording Secretary and Barbara Hillock, Corresponding
Steve Thelen presenting the 2017 Heritage
Award to Barb Hillock at the 2018 MAFE
Roxanna Rosebohm accepting the 2017
Zone 6 Youth Volunteer Award on behalf
of Justus Hill.  Steve Thelen is presenting
the award at the 2018 MAFE Convention.
Claudia Crimin has retired from her position as swine superintendent. Thank you Claudia
for your many years of service.

Thank you also to Dee Besteman, who has served on the fair board for 40 years, and
Travis Miller for their service on the fair board. They will be missed