6430 W. M-80
Kinross, MI   EXIT 378
                 2016 Senior Appreciation Winner- Dr. Clinton Groover

Thank you Dr. Groover for all you do to help the fair and the youth livestock
Chippewa County Fair has a "Kiddie
Express" wagon that circles the
grounds during the fair.  Being 20 years
old or so, the high school's career
center has agreed to fix it up and paint
it, bringing elders and teens together to
make that happen.

Some of the teens that will be working
on repairing the train remember riding
on it when they were young.  We are
looking forward to seeing the restored
2016 Volunteer of the Year - Darren Keller

In January of 2017, at the MAFE Convention in
Grand Rapids, Darren Keller was awarded the 2016
Volunteer of the Year for Zone 6, which is all the
fairs in the U.P.  This award is for all the volunteer
hours and projects that he had done for the
Chippewa County Fair in 2016.

Darren became a member of the Fair Board in
2017, but for the past 3 years he has been at almost
every workbee.  Darren is one of those people that
when you ask he is there.  Darren has been at
every tagging of our market animals from
December steer tagging and the June hog, lamb &
goat tagging for the past 2 years. He is a member
of the fair's livestock and building committees.

Congratulations Darren on this well deserved
2016 Youth Volunteer of the Year-Nathen Kronemeyer

At the 2017 MAFE convention in January, Nathen
Kronemeyer received the 2016 Zone 6 Youth Volunteer of
the Year Award.  He was chosen for this award from all the
fairs in the U.P.  This award is given to volunteers under
the age of 21 who volunteer their time during the year on a

Nathen is a wonderful young man who is always there to do
whatever needs to be done.  Nathen helped every
weekend this past summer changing the old poultry barn
over to house sheep, tearing down and putting up new to
make the barn available for sheep.  Nathen also, helped at
the set-up work bee for the fair, moving bleachers, sitting
up show rings, etc. He was also there to put all items into
storage after the fair.  Nathen helped prepare the barns for
the animals coming in for exhibit and helped load out
animals at the end of the fair.

Thanks Nathen for all you do.
2016 Heritage Award Nominee-Gordon Leese

The Chippewa County Fair Board nominated Gordon
Leese for the 2016 Heritage Award.  Gordon was a
member of the Chippewa County Fair Board from
2001-2012.  In 2005, he was elected to the position of
Treasurer, a job he took very seriously.

In 2002, Gordon took on the job of chairperson for the
fair Livestock Committee, a job that some times requires
a very level head.  In 2012, he became assistant super-
intendent of the breeding beef department for the fair.  
Gordon helps get the exhibitors and the animals into the
show ring on time. Gordon helps with the swine show,
beef show, market sale and loading out the animals the
last day of the fair.  He also works at all of the work bees
and worked on building the new Livestock off and
poultry barn.

This past summer Gordon took on the job of over
seeing the transforming of the old poultry barn into a
sheep barn to house the overflow the lambs registered
for the fair  He spent many weekends working on this
2016 Hall of Fame Nominee-Dee Besteman

Dee became a member of the Chippewa County Fair in January of 1978.  Since becoming a member,
Dee has held the position of Corresponding Secretary from 1978-1992.  She was also treasurer of the
board for three years.

From 1978-1992 Dee was the superintendent for the still exhibits for the fair, taking care of finding the
judges for all youth and open exhibits displayed at the Chippewa County Fair each year.  She also,
made sure that all the paper work needed for this position was completed and turned in to the
treasurer for payment to the exhibitors.  In 2010, Dee took on the job as assistant with the
advertisement for the fair.  She is in charge of all the advertisements that go into the local newspapers
before and during the fair.

Dee helps in the office with filing and answering phone calls during fair week, when she is not
working in her and her husbands maple syrup and maple products stand.  They have even added on
to their little building to sell the Chippewa County t-shirts during the fair.
These smiling faces will greet the 2017 riders of the
fair Kiddie Train. Thanks go to the Sault Area Career  
Center for overhauling the Kiddie Train.  The art
department did a fine job of updating the looks of
the individual cars.