6430 W. M-80
Kinross, MI   EXIT 378
The Chippewa County Fair would like to thank the following  2019 Fair Sponsors...
Goodman Family
Great Lakes Services, Inc. **
GreenStone Farm Credit Services**
Arlene Hillock...
-In Memory of Len Hillock
Bill & Renee Hillock
Victor & Lois Hillock
Jennifer Horn Farrier Service
Horsepower Farm        
I-500 Parking Committee **
In Memory of Alan Andrews
and Don Hillock
In Memory of Randy Atkins, Alan
Andrews, Don Hillock, Patti
Hillock-Greengtski & Ron Cryderman
In Memory of Howard Bawks
In Memory of Wayne Carley
In Memory of Bill & Joyce Chadwick
In Memory of Elizabeth Church
In Memory of Alex Cottle
In Memory of Claudia Crimin
In Memory of Ron Cryderman
In Memory of Charlie Garms
In Memory of Richard Helfrich Sr.
In Memory of Len Hillock
In Memory of Don Nettleton
In Memory of Fred & Verna Norton
In Memory of Charlie Pennington
In Memory of Cecil Portice
In Memory of Sheri Salo
In Memory of Karen Shunk
In Memory of Sharon Thompson**
In Memory of Connie VanLuven
In Memory of Ellen Whitworth
Jackson's Lawn Care Service
JKA Farm - Pickford
Kamper Tire & Exhaust, Inc.
Wes & Bridget Klier
Rob & Tracey Laitienen
Lawlor Body Shop
Lazy R Suffolk Ranch -
-In Memory of Lloyd Rye
Lazy S Ranch
Ledy's Body Shop
Derrick Leese
Leese Livestock
Gary & Pat Lehman Family
Leist Auctioneers
Lemongrass Spa
Everett & Loretta Lines
Local Breeders **
Louie's Well Drilling * *
Love Farms-Dafter
Lynn Auto Parts, Inc.
M. R. Auto Body, Inc.
Maple Leaf Farm
-Rob & Tracey Laitinen
Maples Sawmill, Inc **
Mayer Performance Horses
Mayer Pump Service
Steve  & Peggy McConkey
McDonald's Restaurant - Sault
Bill Merchand & Family
Roger & Margaret Merchberger-
-In Memory of Jake Himmel
Linda Metrish
Mitchell Farm mMm **
Suzanne Morisse
Mountain Prairie Farrier- Jim Brown
C.S. Mulder Funeral Home
Noah's Ark Livestock Club
-In Memory of Rob Slater   
O'Connor's Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram
Old Mission Bank
Old Grizz Rustics **
Charles J. Palmer, Attorney-At-Law
Palmer's Auto Repair
Pickford Feed Service - Mark Taylor **
Jordan Potter
Ridge Riders
RMG Family Sugar Bush
Steve & Pam Rodenroth
Rodenroth Motors, Inc.**
Ken Rodgers, DVM **
Rogers Beef Farm
Dan & Roxanna Rosebohm
Rosedale Rascals 4-H Club
Rudyard Wranglers **
Dave Runyan
Sault Printing Co. -
-In Memory of Ted & Barb Maleport
Sawyers  Farm
Charlene Schmidt
In Memory of Mike Schmidt
Sentry Spray Service
Shunk Land & Livestock
Shute Oil Co.
Al & Peggy Simpson
Skinner's Garage, Inc.**
John & Ardie Smart
Soo Motors
Stilettos on Steele
Rob Stratton
Superior Saddle Service
Bert & Ellen Sutton
Sweet Grass Farm-J.D. & Erika Bishop
Taylor Creek Farm
TLC Landscaping & Painting
Tony's Repair
Trackside Critters 4-H Club
Tractor Supply Co.-Sault
Tri-County Motors * *
Tri- County Speed Horse Assoc.
Twin City Dry Dock
U.P. Tire **
United Producers Inc., Manchester
United Producers Inc., St. Louis
VanLuven Family
W Bar Farm **
Darrell & Sue Wagner & Girls
Wallis Family Farms
-Eric & Penny Wallis * *
Ted  Walsh & Son
Karen Westbrook
Whitetail Construction
Bob & Sally Wiles **
Dee Wilson
Wilson Insurance Agency
Sandra Wiltse
David Wyatt Family
Charity Zimmerman
Mike & Sara Zimmerman
Pat & Nancy Zimmerman
30 Below Rabbitry
2017 Miss Chippewa County Fair Queen
4-H Council
Jim & Diane Adamo
All Purpose Plumbing & Heating, Inc **.
Allstar Graphics
Animal Kingdom Veterinary Clinic **

Anytime Towing

Joan Atkins Family
-In Memory of Don Atkins
Autore Oil & Propane Co. Inc.**
Bailey Electric
Batho Boys
D. Beacom Insurance
Janet Beamish-
-In Memory of George Beamish
Wendy Beaudoin
-In Memory of Suzanne Gable
Beaver Meadow Creek Farm
Bill & Cheryl Becks
Bell's Dairy Farm
Bergstrom Beef Farm
John & Ruth Bjunes...
-In Memory of Charlie Garms **
Judge Eric G. Blubaugh
Harley & Emily Boone **
Bordertown Chiropractic PC
Jim Brown
Burnt-Land Ch. Highroller
Len & Shasta Burzynski
Cedarville Foods
Central Savings Bank **
Bob & Carol Chadwick* *
Chadwick Farms **
-In Memory of  Don & Mary Crawford
-In Memory of Bill & Joyce Chadwick
Roger Charles
Chippewa County 4-H Teen Club **
Chippewa County Credit Union**
Chippewa County Fair **
Chippewa County Farm Bureau
Chippewa County International Airport**
Cloverland Electric Cooperative
Cobb's Country Kennel
Coullard's Body Shop
Crimin's In-A-Minit Acres
Cryderman Farm
DeGreif's Processing **
James DeGreif
David & Connie DePlonty
Diamond L Hampshires
Dutcher  Farm**
Early Rye's Farm-Fred & Dolores Rye**
East End Sports
Edgerly Sew & Vac
English Acres
The Erickson Family
-In Memory of Charlie Pennington
EUP Lamb Growers Association
Fernelius Hyundia **
Mike & Christene Fountain
Franmer Farm**
Frosty Meadow Goats
Gage Farms
Lynn Gauthier
Gaylor Trucking, Inc. **
Bill & Christine Goetz
Green For Life
If we have inadvertently omitted any names, please
accept our apology..