6430 W. M-80
Kinross, MI   EXIT 378
L & M Homes **
-Donation to Hospice House of the EUP
-Donation to the Salvation Army
Laitinen Brothers**
Rob & Tracy Laitinen
Lazy R Suffolks
Leist Auctioneers
Little O Acres **
Love Meats, Inc.**
M & C Water Systems
Cathy Maleport
Ron Maleport
McDowell Hay Co.
Maples Hardwoods, Inc.**
Maurer's Little Meat Shop**
Mauer's Meat Processing of Ubly
Maynard Farms
Rob & Mary Lou Maynarad
Steve & Peggy McConkey
McGuire Properties **
Delores McKenzie
Craig Mercer-Orthodontist **
-Donation to Hospice House of the EUP
Maggie Merchberger-In Memory of Jake Himmel
Michigan Maple Farm
Mid Point Marathon
Erwin Mitchell
Richard Morrison DDS-Pickford Dental**
Northern Michigan Livestock
Northern Sand & Gravel, Inc.
Northwoods Restorations **
O'Connors C-D-J, Inc.**
Parkers Ace Hardware
Pickford Co-op
Pickford Feed Service* *
Pol-Fin Farms**
-Donation to Hospice House of the EUP
Cal & Sharon Portice
Raeann's Boutique
Rocheleau Meats Processing, LLC  **
Dan & Roxanna Rosebohm
Rudyard Co-op
Rudyard Electric Service, Inc.**
Rudyard Wranglers 4-H Club
Rum-N-Coke Homestead
Sault Printing Co **
-In Memory of Ted & Barb Maleport
Tim Sawyer
Sentry Spray Service
Sandy & Jamie Shellie
Shunk Furniture-Marquette
Spence & Sue Shunk
Stan & Sue Shunk  **
-Donation to the American Legion
Skinner's Garage, Inc.**
Smith & Co Real Estate-Barb Hampton
Soo Co-Op Credit Union **
Soo Motors
Dr. Tim Stallman **
Superior Interior
Teter Orthotics & Prosthetics **
Trackside Critters 4-H Club **
Tri-County Building Center **
Joanne Umbrasas
Up in Smoke
U.P. Pipe & Concrete **
U.P. Tire **
Rick Vanderbeck
Vegas Kewadin Casino **
-Donation to Hospice House of EUP
War Memorial Hospital **
-Donation to Salvation Army
John & Tara Weise
Whiskey River, Inc **
Wicked Sisters **
Bob Wiles - Donation to Youth Activities
Bob & Sally Wiles **
-Donation to Hearthside Assisted Living
Sally Wiles - Donation to Poultry Barn
Yon Farm
Don & Carol Zandbergen
All Purpose Plumbing & Heating Co.
Dr. Alshab
Anderson Tackman & Co.
Andrews Beef Farm
Animal Kingdom Veterinary Clinic**
-Donation to Salvation Army
Denise Atkinson
Aunt Jo-Ellen**
Autore Oil & Propane Co.,Inc.**
Autore State Farm Insurance
Bader & Sons Co**
Bali Construction
Vance & Mary Barber
Battle of the Aunts-Krystal Huyck & Tiffany Dumback
Bell's Livestock Trucking
Bergstrom Farm
Best Lawn Care
Big Country 105.5
Blaskowski Feed & Seed**
Blaskowski Meat Processing **
Bordertown Chiropractic, PC
Bridgeview Family Medicine**
Bunker Manufacturing Co.
C.S. Mulder Funeral Home
Cackleberry House
Cedar Ridge Boat Works
Cedarville Foods **
Central Savings Bank **
Chadwick Farms
Jim Chamber
Chippewa County Credit Union
-Donation to Hospice House of the EUP
Circle C Farms **
Circle K Buffalo Ranch**.
Crimin's In-A-Minit Acres**
-Donation to Swine Barn
-Donation to Youth Activities
Clyde's Drive-In
ComeFish With Me Charters
Cooper Family Dentistry**
D's Honda Sales-Alpena **
-Donation to Youth Activities
Don's Tractor Sales - Alpena **
-Donation to Youth Activities
Ebels General Store-Falmouth **
Ebels Meat Processing
Edington Trucking**
-In Memory of Dick Edington
Edward Jones-Bill McLeod
Michael Fairchild
Fernelius Hyundai
Dr. Craig  Flickinger- Orthodontist **
Gaylor-Thompson Sales & Services**
Gaylor Trucking, Inc.**
-Donation to Hospice House of the EUP
Dr. Richard Ganzhorn
Grade A Logging
Grandma Bergstrom
Great Lakes Services, Inc.**
Nancy Griffin
Dr. Clint Groover
-Donation to Dairy Youth
Clif Haley
Don  & Anastasia Hamel **
-Donation to Hospice House of the EUP
-Donation to Youth Activities
Dr. William Hampton **
Vern Huyck Trucking
-In Memory of Vern & MaryLynn Huyck
Donation to Hospice House of the EUP
Vern Huyck Trucking**
-Donation to Hospice House of the EUP
JKS Farms**
Jarvie Farm
Dave & Erin Jentoff
Jere Farms **
John's Johns**
John's Septic Service **
Kamper Tire & Exhaust, Inc.**
Kewadin Casino**
Kinross Co-op
A special thank-you to the Livestock Buyers for a very successful 2016 fair...
If we have inadvertently omitted any names, please accept
our apology.